Hi! I'm Sasha Cagen.

I'm a nonfiction writer (author of the cult favorite book Quirkyalone: A Manifesto for Uncompromising Romantics) and life coach from Rhode Island and California, and now I live in Buenos Aires where I"m working on a memoir about my "life churn," a journey of searching for happiness through sensuality in South America. Much of my sensuality journey has been about dance. I've been in love with tango since 2010. I discovered tango in my recovery from burnout in Silicon Valley, when I was consciously looking for something new to bring me happiness. That thing turned out to be tango.

Tango taught me so many life lessons off the dance floor for my own power as a woman and for healthy relationships. One day I was walking through Buenos Aires, and I had a revelation. I can pass along these lessons in a weeklong experience, teaching you in 7 days what I learned in 6 years through this beautiful dance, culture, and music. 

I created the Tango Awakening Adventure in Buenos Aires to be your inside guide to the authentic tango world and the transformation you can find within this experience, even if you only dance tango for a week. My team and I give you a shortcut to tango bliss. This trip is for men, women, and couples, and all ages are welcome.

Come away with me on a Tango Adventure to learn authentic tango at the source and you might even have your first tangasm.


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